Swimming in a School

As a class we have taken on a big challenge.  We are learning to swim together through the world of technology to create our very own masterpieces (of writing).  We have decided it is best to stick together to become a strong force of valuable ideas and opinions and we are helping each other stay safe from the other BIG fish!

All of my students will have the opportunity to use technology, including the Internet, to produce and publish writing and interact and collaborate with each other.  As a teacher, I am given an incredible opportunity to teach my students how to use technology to improve their writing.  So, go ahead, take a look around our site and let us know what you think.  

Are we collaborating with each other?  Are we interacting with peers to produce and publish new writing pieces?



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10:51 AM

Davionah's Blog

The snow day

once upon a time lived a little girl named tiffany she loved to play in the snow. One day tiffany told her mother I want to go out side no said her mother no I told your not going out side...more

4:55 PM

Jerry's Blog

deer's snowday

Once upon a time their live a deer named Jerry. One snowy day Jerry started his day by doing his routine. His routine is get up,get dress,eat breakfast,and brush teeth. Then he...more

8:25 AM

Gracie's Blog

A Snowy Day (Part 2) "Jack's Story"

Here is the story that Jack wrote about his snowy day: Once Jack went out to play in the snow. He made an igloo. When he came out he realized he was at he North Pole. As...more

11:01 AM

Margaret's Blog

snow day

whan day there was a anamil and it was a bunny. Andit was a winter day and in the mittle of school it was snowing.and bunny her name was Coco. well she lookt at the windo and saide when iget hom...more

8:47 AM

Sarah's Blog

Swompy on his snow day.

There was a frog named Swompy he had a snow day today he invited his freind over his name was Finny they played all day they made a igloo , a snow man , they sleded down the biggest hill ev...more

1:11 PM

Maria's Blog

letter for Mrs.G

January 6, 2011 Dear Mrs. G, I like graifs. do you like graifs to.Do you like choclit ice cream.Do you like magic t...more

3:30 PM
by: Casey

Gesenhues' Guppies

Christmas Cards

Mr. G and I always write a letter for Christmas each year to share with our family and friends. Over the next couple of weeks we are going to continue studying letters and cards in class a...more

2:50 PM

Luke's Blog

Letter Writing Reflection

This week we have read letters, cards, and notes and started writing our own friendly letters. Reflect on the letters and cards you wrote. What is your favorit...more